#550 Dropping points into nHaystack Service View results in all controller points showing under Hierarchy

Kyle Herbst Tue 10 Oct 2017

Sorry for the lengthy title.

Using nHaystack 2.0.1 on a N4 system.

Trying to click and drag points from my Networks and dropping them into my Site-Equip-Point Hierarchy page, as described on this video How-To created by J2


Once I create a Site/then Equip, I can drag one single point into the "Drag Components here to add a haystack slot" and the whole point list will populate underneath that associated equipment in the haystack window.

The only single point I've clicked an dragged over will appear with the haystack slot, as is should, however my import function gets messy as it will end up pulling all my points from that equipment (even ones that don't have a haystack tag) into Skyspark.

Is there anything I'm doing wrong that's not being covered in that video? It seems to me that video was created in AX, not N4...however the process appears to be the same from what I can determine.

Long story short, I'm trying to see if I can only have my Hierarchy display points that I want to drag and drop to add the haystack tag, rather than all points underneath that controller.


Ricky Villa Valle Tue 10 Oct 2017

Hi Kyle,

The video are you viewing was made at the end of 2013, which by then an older version of the nhaystack module was being used. It has now changed and usually the haystack slot is used for tagging and specifying an equip if something else other than what its currently under.

In the newer version, it is automatically displaying all the points under a certain equip whether they have the haystack slot or not. Unfortunately there isn't a property that I know of that will display only the points that haystack slot.

However, I do know that in FIN Stack, we have a property on the connector that allows you to toggle it. Then when dragging the entire site over, it would only bring over points with the haystack slot. Otherwise, it would bring in all points.

Hopefully Richard, or one of the others will be able to better answer your question. I would consider it a feature request on the Niagara side.

Steve Rohde Sat 2 Jun 2018

Hi Kyle,

I am new to nhaystack but have encountered the exact same scenario.

All points both physical and logical appear under the nhaystack equip level I have created regardless of having a slot created or not. Very difficult to use the nhaystack module if we can't limit the presentation to just what is pertinent for the user interface.

Has anyone helped solve this yet that the answer could be posted here?

Thanks for posting the original issue.

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