#607 Is the contribution process documented anywhere?

Alex Otten Mon 23 Apr 2018

I looked through the site and I couldn't find what the process was for contributing to the open source project. I'm specifically interested in what the process is for proposing and integrating new tags.

I've seen some of the forum posts which ask for tags, and tag proposals. Is this the standard way to request tags? Should someone just open up a PR in the Bitbucket repo? I'd like to start requesting/adding new tags to the project and was wondering what the best way to get started was.

Thank you.

Jay Herron Mon 23 Apr 2018

I am also interested in this, as it sometimes seems difficult to get traction with new tag proposals, which eventually causes them to be forgotten. I think it would be helpful if we had a more defined process on how to go from proposed tag to absorption into the project.

Christian Tremblay Mon 23 Apr 2018

This would be the perfect fit for a Github type of project... Fully open and easy to keep track of suggestion (PR)

Alex Otten Mon 23 Apr 2018

I saw that the tag repo is a Bitbucket/Mercurial project. It seems to support pull requests and issues.

Would that not work just fine?

Brian Frank Mon 23 Apr 2018

If you have a Haystack library you would like to share and have listed on this website just let us know and we will add it.

Regarding the process to add new tags, the process is to form a working group as discussed here. The expectation is that at least three domain experts work offline to develop a proposal, and then submit it to the community. And in order to make it streamline, we need more then just a tag name. It needs to include the definition, and specific recommendations to change other documentation pages. Ideally it should just be a changeset against the Trio (YAML) files sourced in BitBucket.

Many discussions are often just about a single tag, and they are difficult to track on there own and almost always require thinking about a larger subsystem to address effectively. We do have some WG for chillers, unitary controllers, and I think we probably should have a "standing AHU working group" to address the AHU tag ideas that popup now and then (if anyone wants to volunteer to champion and lead it, create a post!)

Also note that WG 551 will hopefully propose a brand new model and file formats for how we source the tag definitions. Its been on a hiatus for a few months as we collaborate with BACnet and Brick. But because its such a huge project, we've sort of been holding off on some of these minor changes since the overall definition framework is going to change so much.

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