#995 haystack integration

Tom Steidle Mon 11 Jul

I have been in HVAC industry and dealing with controls, buildings and such for over 30 years. I have some questions on this Project Haystack and do not know where to get some straight answers. I have spent a lot of time here reading, on the website and have some questions but am not sure who I can speak to regarding an integration on a current Alerton system that is being integrated including the addition of Niagra Jace controllers. How would I go about getting some information by someone who has done this type of integration as I do not think things are going well so far?

Adam J Wallen Tue 12 Jul

Hey Tom,

Let's chat.



Richard McElhinney Tue 12 Jul

Hi Tom,

Welcome to the Project Haystack community.

You are in good hands with Adam, but if you need any additional information about integrating Niagara I'm happy to help with the nhaytstack solution.

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